Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mispronunciations Galore!

[Originally aired on WZRD Chicago on 6/19/2017]

Mr. Yuk is mean, Mr. Yuk is green
A mess of Freed Weed
Machine Listener “Iron Age”
Remko Scha and the Machines “Ooze”
Charles Cohen “Blue Krishna”
Martin Franklin & Cheapmachines “Crossover”
Clark Coolidge “Preface” [excerpt]
Walter Carlos doing Eleanor Rigby
Stefano Tamburini “Thalidom Music for Young Babies”
Francois Bayle “Habitable Spaces: Homage to Robur”
Maja Ratkje “Chipmunk Party”
Zounds “Can’t Cheat Karma”
Las Munjitas del Fuzz “Es el 69”
Rolling Stones “Sway”

[dj talkin time]

Underwater earthquake and whales
Christina Kubisch “Night Flights”
Jacques Brodier “Monstre de Brouillard”
Scanner – Part 2 of “In Between”
Carole Quinn “What’s So Sweet about Sweet Sixteen?”
Liberace “Kitten on the Keys!”
Carl Stone “Violence”
Andy Stott “Time Away”
Jochen Arbeit, Gunter Schickert & Schneider TM “40 degrees C”
Lesser “4th Level Dwarf Fighter”
Stephen Vitiello “Marfa Mix”
Guy Reibel “Canon Sur Une Trompe Africaine”
Sitar and tabla duo

[your dj speaks over same sitar and tabla duo]

Lee “Scratch” Perry “Disco Devil”
Ian Drury “Funky Disco”
Philip Sanderson “Defenestration at the Gravity Pit”
Stained Afro “Supplemental Shale”
Asmus Tietchens “Untitled” from Ptomaine
Chino Amobi “London II”
African Head Charge “Surfari”
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “The Creator”
Saitam and Chevo Lege “Leur Impasibilite face aux evenements” [their impassivity to events]
Locked groove from the RRR collection of 500 mixed in
Morten Poulsen “Aerodynamics Part 2” mixed in
Giya Kancheli “V & V"

[your dj speaks over some William Basinski]

Non Toxique Lost “Wirkichkeit”
Electric Light Orchestra “10538 Overture”
Pain Teens “Inside Me”
Powered by Love “Powered by Love”

Friday, June 16, 2017

You're Not So Tough, Batman

[originally aired on Monday, 6/12/2017]

”Anamorphees” by Gilles Racot [excerpt]
Six Million Dollar Man
Volcano the Bear “massive furniture invasion”
Naing Naing “Wasp Tabla”
Machine Listener “Machine Perception”
Sawako “cologne-Sunday’ [field recording]
Flor Silvestre “Inconsolable”
Phoebe Killdeer w/ the Shift “Dream B”
Robert Ashley “In Sara, Mencken, Christ and Beethoven, there were men and women”
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Promenade: Cote Bamako [excerpt]

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Let's Leave Names Out of This

[Originally aired on 6/5/2017]


Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth “They Reminisce Over You”
Paktofonika “Gdyby…”
The Honey Drippers “Impeach the President”
African Head Charge “Latin Temperament”
No UFO’s “Repeat the Phrase Until the Words Lose All Meaning”
Eugeniusz Rudnik “Don’t Edit Piaf”
Damon Albarn “Closet Romantic”
Phillipe Athius “Boite a Musique” [excerpt]
Thymolphthalien “It Doesn’t Kill You It Stops You From Living”
[your DJ will now speak]
Speckled Red “The Dirty Dozen”
Enigmas “Teenage Barnacle”
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs “Midnight Pal”
Balcanes “Desorden”
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall “Irkutsk”
Mark Stewart “Fatal Attraction” [excerpt, only coming thru on one channel]
Sleep Clinic “Stray Light 1”
Konstruktivits “Decadence” & Clang Quartet “Companions” mixed together
Babatunde Olatunji “Emi Ka Sai D’arugbo”
Third Eye Foundation “Dreams on His Fingers”
Jonas Kruska “Spev Cvrcka”
[your dj speaks! Over Madonna! The nerve!]
Machine Listener “Ansible Cult/Nootropic Dissociation”
Loop Orchestra “Son of Not Overtly Orchestral”
Anne Gillis “Orestie”
Bizita Q “Inhaling the Infinite Sadness”
Brett Naucke “Luau”
Matthew Bourne “Andrew”
Machinefabriek “Field Recordings, Rocks, Speakers”
Robert Filliou “Whispered History of Art”

Monday, May 29, 2017


[originally aired Monday, 5/22/2017 on WZRD Chicago]


Negativland “Style”
Eugeniusz Rudnik “Swit Majowy”
Lustmord “At Thee Mountains of Madness”
Krube “Untitled” from Untitled
Kondaktor “Hatch”
Konrad Schnitzler “Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht”
Alvars Orkester “Irenic Urchin”
Fred Wesley & The JB’s “Blow Your Head”
Penguin Café Orchestra “Yodel 1”
Torben Snekkestad “South Abyss”
Robin singing
James Tenney “Koan”
Colin Stetson “Home”
Edward Ka Spel “Six Cats on a Dead Man’s Chest”
Thu Hien “Hoa Cau Vuon Trau”
Ike Yard “Cherish”
Afrique’s “House of the Rising Funk”

[yiyr djh sgoeajs]

AMK & GX Jupitter-Larsen “Red Flag”
Jon Appleton “Chef d’uvre”
The Burtons “MacArthur Park”
Seasick “My ass is Satan”
Chicken Granny “Quit the Body”
I’d m thfft able “blooper thru rot, y’clock fucker”
Death Praxis “Economic Noise”
Malcolm Galaxy “Fever”
Daniel Wohl “Formless”
Israel Martinez “Mere Presence”
Daniel Menche – track 1 from Incineration
Excerpt from the Faust Tapes
Pharmakon “Squall”
Ultravox “Saturday Night in the City of the Dead”
Daevid Allen “Oo La La”
The White Pigs “When Bobby Comes Back”
Shit n Shine “Take Robe Off”
Kondaktor “Cockpit”
Black Eg “Just Vincent”
Drinking Electricity “Discord Dance”
Brook Hinton “What are we Missing?”
Foetus “Smut”
Cory “The Smirf”
Helen Thorington “Partial Perceptions”
…with Ralph Lundsten’s “Through a Landscape of Mirrors” mixed in
Machinefabriek “Fonograf”
Mar Seck “Mini Company”

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Instructions for Removing Wax from Fabric

[originally aired on 88.3 FM WZRD Chicago on May 22, 2017]

Charlemagne Palestine “Sine Wave Study”
Meredith Monk “braid 2”
Guapo “Obscure Knowledge”
Container “Interior”
Gamelan from the village of Katewei in Bali
Institute Fur Bezahlbaren Wahnsinn, excerpt from Unterwebs Zum Documenta
Pharmakon “Sleepwalking Form” (from her latest album, Contact)
Trad, Gras, Och Stenar “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
Anomy “Waiting at the Station”

[your dj speaks over Mancini’s theme from Touch of Evil]

Michael Yonkers Band “Kill the Enemy”
Really old White Zombie “Magdalene”
African Head Charge “Breeding Space”
Machinefabriek “Cymbal II”
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Gunter “Amplified Speech from Mosque”
Birds in the Meadow “Count”
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Gunter “Abandoned Hotel at Night”
Graham Lambkin “Theatre Recital”
Hans Grusel’s Krakenkabinet “Comb Parade”

[your dj speaks over Galt MacDermot’s “Coffee Cold”]

Poul Gernes – untitled harmonium piece, with kid and other noises in background
Tom Darksmith “Shared Empty Space”
Wendy Carlos “Incantation”
Sleep Chamber “Satanic Sanction”
…with Part 5 of Scanner’s “In Between” mixed in
…with Laraaji’s “Essence” mixed in
Lars Carlsson “Pavers”
Mayhem “Sylvester Infang” and “Deathcrush”
Peace Corpse “Breach Birth”
Public Image Ltd. “Flowers of Romance”
Catherine Jauniaux & Jim Hodgkinson “Un Escadrille de Sorcieres”
~Unknown~ from the Canary Records comp, Love is a One-Way Traffic (“untraced song, Jenny”)

[your dj speaks]

Throbbing Gristle “Adrenalin”
NYZ “Creativalizationistizm Unhinged”
Trevor de Brauw “Distinct Frequency”
The Meteors “Little Red Riding Hood”

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Looky Here!

[originally aired on Monday, 5/1/2017 from 4-7pm on WZRD Chicago, 88.3 FM]


Georgie Joe “Eliza”
Club Moral “Which Side Are You On?”
Skozey Fetisch “extreme evidence, exquisite options”
Test Dept. Pulsations 2”
Whitehouse “Munkisi Munkondi”
Bruce Lacey “Earth Spirit 4”
[your DJ speaks over Iancu Dumitrescu’s “Monades”]
Armand Schaubroek Steals “Elmira Bound”
Lloyd Charmers “Shaft”
The Night Flight “Without You”
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs “Wonder Woman”
My Cat Is an Alien “The Dance of Oneirism #3” [excerpt]
Keiji Haino/Loren Connors, recorded live in April 1995 [excerpt]
Clang Quartet “Idiot”
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army “Music for Chameleons”
KeDa “La Lune De Coree”
Peter Hansen “Winter Air”
[your dj speaks]
Ande Somby “Gadni” (recorded by Chris Watson)
Sohrab “Pedagogicheskaya Poema”
P16D4 – excerpt of the album, Distruct
Illusion of Safety “Special Passing”
Public Image Ltd. “Socialist”
Die Form “Passion & Supplice”
Tony Wakeford & Steven Stapleton “Walk the White Ghost”
Dalek I Love You “Horrorscope”
Akio Suzuki “Bottle”
J.J. Johnson “Parade Strut” from Willie Dynamite OST
Finitribe “Detestimony”
Margaret Leng Tan – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata performed on toy piano
Krube “Untitled” from Untitled  (the track that starts out sounding like crackling flames)
Asmus Tietchens “Ohrensausen” [excerpt]
Annea Lockwood, Art Baron, Charles Wood, J.D. Parran, John Snyder, Libby Van Cleve, Michael Pugliese, N. Scott robinson and Peter Zummo “Thousand Year Dreaming: Breathing and Dreaming”
Alvin Lucier “In Memoriam Jon Higgins (for clarinet in A and slow, pure wave oscillator) [excerpt]
The Electronic Concept Orchestra “Aquarius”
[your dj speaks]
Okay you turkeynecks, it’s The Novas doing “The Crusher”
Killdozer “Knuckles the Dog”

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We Don't Need a Reason

[originally aired from 4-7pm on 4/24/2017]

Maggie Thrett “Soupy”
The Invitations “Written on the Wall”
Roger Waters &  Ron Geesin “Mrs. Throat Goes Walking”
Slicing Grandpa “Fake Mistake”
Obnox “Jailhouse Blues”
Pierre Berthet & Frederic Le Junter “L’enclume des jours”
Shalabi Effect “Message from the Pink Abyss”
The Rita “Gamzatti I” [excerpt]
Brian Eno “Lantern Marsh”
(some Tatyos Efendi mixed in)
Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall “Live at the Chrome Cathedral”
Philip Glass “Music in Twelve Parts, Part 1” [excerpt]
Spear “Sound of Sands” [excerpt]
Alvars Orkester “3DWTHF, Pt. 1”
Colin Stetson “Judges”
Morton Subotnick “Butterfly 3” – mixed together with …
Miki Yui “Ki”                            
Ground Zero “TV-Q Missile”
Cabaret Voltaire “Theme from Shaft”
[your DJ speaks, finally]
L’Ocelle Mare “Serpentement 1”
Anthony Newman performing a “Chorale”
Robert Turman “Dying Words” [excerpt]
John Morton “Through the Wall”
Leroy & The Drivers “The Sad Chicken”
Arrested Development “People Everyday”
Busta Rhymes “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”
Clock DVA “Sound Mirror”
Brian Lavelle & Richard Youngs “Beach”
Moth Cock “D. Kiss” [excerpt]
Kondaktor “Sink”
Guitar Welch “Electric Chair Blues”
Cope’s Grey Tree Frog
[your DJ speaks]
Boris w/ Merzbow “Heavy Rain”
Howlround “Flying over a Glassed Wedge”
The Cherry Thing “Golden Heart” remixed by Lasse Marhaug
Alice Cooper “Skeletons in the Closet”
[your dj speaks]
Malombo Jazz Makers “Matshenyogo”
Maya “Distant Visions”
Iannis Xenakis “Akrata” [excerpt]
Pierre Berthet “Part One” of Extended Loudspeakers [excerpt]
Excerpt from Colonna’s Trolley [oh hey, it's a 78]
Thymolphthalein “You Cannot Escape the 20th Century”